Scale: Tanita 1583 Baby Scale for Pickup

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Weigh your baby at home with the Tanita Baby Scale

At just 6 lbs, the 1583 is perfect for at-home weighing and visiting nurses alike. Weight lock-in, low battery indicator and tare weighing standard. 

The battery-conserving LCD gives accurate measurements in 10-gram increments when you need it most.

0.5 oz (10 g) resolution for 0-20 lbs; 1oz (20g) resolution for 20-40lbs.

DC 9V or 6 AA batteries.
Batteries are not included in the rental fee.

Pickup Information:
Pickup is at our Burlingame store. Please go to the Picking Up Rental Items and Supplies tab on our website for the latest pickup hours and information

Pricing $5.00 per day
$20.00 per week
$50.00 per month
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Bundle Includes

  • 1 x Tanita

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