Scale: Medela Baby Weigh II Scale for Pickup

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Weigh your baby at home with the Medela Baby Weigh II Scale

Stable low-profile design: Designed to take up little space in your home while providing a comfortable, sturdy and contoured space for weighing your baby.

Easy to use push-button weight measurement and easy to read LCD display: Makes confirming your baby's weight and breast milk intake simple.

Zero button accounts for blanket weight: Keep baby warm while getting an accurate weight.

Displays weights in 2 gram or 0.1 ounce increments up to 44lbs

Pickup Information:
Pickup is at our Burlingame store. Please go to the Picking Up Rental Items and Supplies tab on our website for the latest pickup hours and information

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  • 1 x Medela Baby Weigh II

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